herbie v2

Dry Herb

What is Herbie V2?

Herbie is a fully stainless steel e-cigarette vaporizer
But what does a vaporizer do? And how do I use it?

What's so special about Herbie V2?

Instant heat and cooled vapor
Compact, powerful and stealth

Get Herbie V2 the way you want

  • Vaporizer

    Herbie V2


    Stainless steel



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  • Vaporizer

    Herbie V2 Bundle EU

    The “all you need” package.

    Herbie V2 + Paramour SBS Mod + Battery

    Due to shipping regulations we can’t ship batteries outside EU.

    Please pick the bundle without a battery and pick one up at your local vape store.

    inkl. 19 % MwSt.

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maintenance parts

A well maintained vaporizer tastes and works better
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